Friday, April 1, 2011

Anonymous said: My Girlfriend wants me to train her to be a Dirty Whore
She wants her Breasts Whipped with a Belt
How Long should she be Whipped for so she can really feel like a Dirty Whore

I think that you and your girlfriend need to have a honest discussion regarding what you are both looking for in your sexual relationship, with an emphasis on wants, needs, and limits. If may help your discussion to use a questionaire to begin the discussion. There are several questionaires out there that list quite a few BDSM and sexually related topics; each of you sit down and complete those questionaires and then compare the two. It may help you find areas that interest you both, that you would be willing to do for your partner, or that you would not do at all.

One of the other things that benefits partners is the use of a safe word, a word that when spoken everything stops. At the local dungeon here, the universal safe word is “RED”. If the word red is used by a person in a scene then the entire scene stops. This could be used because a person has reached their limit, or there is something wrong, like they are being injured.

To answer your question more directly Anon, if your girlfriend wants to be trained to be a dirty whore, then sit down and discuss with her what she wants and needs to feel that way. If it is just whipping her breasts with a belt, is it something that you are willing to do? Establish a safe word with her as well as safety protocols. Is she comfortable with being whipped until there are marks on her breasts or does she want to stop before there are marks left? Having a safe word also allows for an out should she decide that what sounded like a great idea in her head and fantasy turns out to be much more than she can handle in reality.

Hope that this helps!

~His little girl


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